26th July 2014;

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how dare you

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25th July 2014;

Nicki Minaj x Édouard Manet


Nicki Minaj x Édouard Manet

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Anonymous said: Of all the drawing applications which would you recommend? E.i illustrator, photoshop, indesign? I can only offered one, HELP! Thanks ;)

indesign isn’t really a drawing app so i wouldn’t go with that one, and it depends on the style you want to achieve. illustrator is more of a graphic design type app, it’s vector based so it isn’t easy to get a kind of painterly look to your work with that program.

I use photoshop with all my digital illustrations so you might want to look into that. also i’m not going to SUGGEST that you pirate photoshop, but you can, it’s a pretty easy application to find for free, so you might want to save your monies.

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