1st August 2012;


So this is my cousin, serious christian. Basically her entire part of the family voted no against Amendment 2 back when it was up for the vote, knowing I’m gay. I basically got a sorry, I don’t agree with it. So they’re all “accepting” of me as a homosexual man but don’t “agree” with it, which if you ask me is hate, is intolerance, and cancels out any form of acceptance they have towards me and gay culture in general. 

So as you may know, I’m against Chik-Fil-A and their stance on not hiring and/or supporting the gay community, log on to instagram today and I see this. I’m sorry but fuck you, my own family making jokes about a matter that’s pretty personal to me, and at the same time giving all christians a bad rap. 

You miss, are not a christian, christians do not harbor hate in their hearts, and you bitch are hateful as hell. 

this has been an emotionally fueled post, excuse me if some parts don’t make sense. 

ps she deleted all my comments, way to be ashamed of your own bigotry  

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